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So....the break is over what a shame.
I dont feel like i am ready to go back yet.
All the studying and what not.
But good news...
I just got a job in at the Drug Shop!
now i all i have to do is keep my grades up for Pharmacy school and ill be in!
Marc just got a job too.
i am very happy for him, its here in the B-low so he will be with my though college which is a really good thing.
He is doing so good with everything, i am very happy for him!
he will be travling to NYC a few time outta the month...but thats not a big deal, maybe i can go with him during the summer.
What have i been doing....
well i'v been getting ready for Miss B-low....i want to take the cake on this one.
and im fighting damn hard to do it.
i have been working out with MJ and everything...everyday this break too.
mmmm oooo
ok well i think thats it, there is more but i think im gonna go shower

ciao loves
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope you all went out last night and partied, i know i did! haha it was a good time...mawahahah i only remember parts of it, but from that i know i had fun!
mmmm well im going shopping early tomorrow
so im out
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I cant believe this semester is almost over, it just flew by...well at least it seemed that way for me! My classes have just been moving along and i think that i am doing pretty well....im hoping to end this semester with a 3.5 or so...maybe it will be higher. I looked into takin some summer classes at UB...just so i can join the ski club next year! haha it is a damn good deal 100 bucks for the whole year...ill pay that! but thats not the only reason i need to get some credits in....i dont want to spend 6 years in school and i dont wnat to be over loaded during the years that i am there....plus summer classes are really easy i hear. so it is going to be alittle expensive but...in the long run i think that it is worth it.

Other then that i have just been living life and having fun...these are the prime years of your life...right...after this you have to go into the real world and get things like careers and pay alot of bills...and then you have alot of responsibilty and it sucks...so party hard now!!! hahah i love it

peace :)
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10 November 2005 @ 12:55 pm
This seriously is the most ribiculous thing that i have even experienced in my whole life....here goes
This morning my mom wakes me up to tell me for the 2545642184215 time that i have to take Sarah to the eye doctor at 11...i mean serious today is my day off i prolly wont be outta bed till after 11 anyways. so then at 10 she called me to remind me again...i wanted to punch her in the face because i was having the best dream...but whatever.
So then i took her to the eye doctor which was like .00045 miles from my house...like i bet sarah could have walked there faster (because there was a school zone).
then we came home and i went back to resume my dream...and she comes in my room and says "you have to take me to the school"....im like no way your kiddin me...its basically in our backyard and no i am not turning my car on for that!...so she was like im calling mom (mostly beacuse she acts like a 5 year old). so then my mom called me and was like take her...i dont care how ridiculous you think it is...take her or i am not doing your nails! so i was like no im not taking her and i dont want to get my nails dont ill just take them off whatever!

that was my ridiclous story....adn thoes of you who know were i live will fully understand!

what can i say...MJ and i had so much fun Chris played for 2.5 hours i was glorious! and we met him after and he kissed Michelle and remember her Duck tape wallet...she cried! hehe it was amazing!
we made friends too...there from Erie they were pretty sweet we when to mighty with them...it was a good time.
im prolly leaving amazing details out...but im sure MJ will update about it soon

well im out peace!
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06 November 2005 @ 10:07 am
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want, either good or bad.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.
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01 November 2005 @ 11:11 pm
Lab today was a day that MJ and i are going to remember for a long time...and she is going to make fun of me about it for a long time. So....in lab today was a messin around acting like a retard, and i was holdin a beaker with our whole 2 hours worth of experiment in it. And i dropped it and the thing broke all over the lad counter...haha
everyone was staring at us...personally i thought it was funny.
It was the hardest thing to clean up in the world all these crystal things kept forming....haha. We ended up working with Chris because it would have taken way to long to redo it...and Mj bounced on me! slut...jk lol she had to go to work :)
Well that was my big story.
O i almost forgot i almost got in a fight with a bitch who has a rolly suitcase! haha jk jk...only if MJ was there for back up :)
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28 October 2005 @ 03:06 pm
No one will ever believe my story...Today i went with my dad to go get my car. He had to drive to Carrubba's, and we signed all the papers and what not to get my car back. Craig of Carrubba's gives me the keys and just as we are walking out with door to leave...we see this old women whip her car around and hit the back bumper of my car (mind you that the back bumpper was the thing that was just fixed). I couldnt believe it, then the lady tried to tell me that she didnt hit the car and that it wasnt her fault. I was just waiting for her to say "that was prolly already there!" So this women happened to be the mother of the shop manager...so he took the car back in and buffed out the spot (thankfully).
And we were on our way again.
I mean really what are the chances!
Sigh...i am starting to hate friday afternoons because:
1)My father almost died on a friday afternoon
2)I get into a car accident on a Friday afternoon
3)My car gets hit on a Friday afternoon
..there are prolly more reasons i just cant think of them right now.
But at any rate, i think there is a pattern here!

Other then that i am going to be a brunette again! well on Wednesday afternoon i will be...very excited about that...i think its gonna be a mix between aburn (spell) and a chestnut color.
I think that is about it...i did have an italian midterm today...idk how i did, i think i would be hapy with a B in that class.
O and i got my CRJ midterm back...only got a C+ i guess it was alot harder then i thought.
O well now Meee-Shell has to buy Neal Eric and Myself pizza!
sorry friend :)

Current Mood: satisfiedsatisfied
27 October 2005 @ 09:31 am
Today i get my car back! Finally...i cant wait, now my mom will stop calling me to make sure her baby is ok (the car not me!)...and i can finally go places again! YES i can't wait...all though today i have no were to go...but i guess there is always tomorrow.
My dad is getting better...which is good, he was cleared to go back to work in Dec and he can drive again. So that is always a plus.
Marco and i just bought new skis, i cant wait to try then out...i wish it would start to snow soon! Mine are blue and i love them.
School has been going good...almost done with this semseter which is awesome....midterms went well for the most part things are good. I still dont know what i got on my Criminal Justice one, i hope Connie emails me soon.
Last night in class she was talking about how there are people in class that just goof off and that reflected in there grades...and the whole time she was giving michelle and i the evil eye, like what she was saying was only directed towards us...what a bitch
I dont know why she doesnt like us, i dont even talk half the time...i sleep!
Marc is graduating in December...which is really awesome, i am so proud of him. He is looking for a "REAL" job...which is kinda scary. Everything seems to be going really well for him, moving along nicely. I hope he will be able to find a job aroudn here...i dont want him to move away :(
Anyways i think thats all the news that i have....

Current Mood: tiredtired
23 October 2005 @ 04:37 pm
I cannot guess
what we'll discover
when we turn the dirt
with our palms cupped like shovels
but I know our filthy hands
can wash one another's
and not one speck will remain

I do believe it's true
that there are roads left in both of our shoes
but if the silence takes you
then I hope it takes me too
so brown eyes I'll hold you near
cuz you're the only song I want to hear
a melody softly soaring through my atmosphere
where soul meets body

i <3 U
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Current Music: Death cab for cutie
19 October 2005 @ 10:40 pm
So i guess this guy came to my house today to check out the car and see how much damage there was....i still have to call the insurance company and see what he said because he didnt leave anything behind...so idk
School today was kinda boring...had a quiz in math that im not to sure about, i was done like super earily and everyone else was like looking at me.
Michelle went on a date...down a dark ally with a really "nice" boy. :)
oo and we made a new friend chuck...he seems friendly...and smart!
thats always a plus. maybe he'll sit with us in class so we dont look like losers...lol
Michelle also took me on a date to the olive garden...it was a good time, i love thoes bread sticks i bet i could live off of them...
Took a nap...study for my exam...it was super easy.

ok well im tired...ciao

<3 chrissy
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